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TBI-New Oasis is dedicated to transforming international education through partnerships with premier private day and top-tier public U.S. schools. Our partner schools offer excellent academic and cultural opportunities for international students. TBI-New Oasis builds global competency among students, host families, secondary schools, and local communities, through short and long-term educational programming and service-centered operations. The worldwide TBI network is transforming education, developing innovation, and contributing to a better future. Global Can Be Local

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to connect and empower schools across borders, cultivating global leaders with intercultural understanding and collaboration skills, preparing students for the future, and equipping them with skills to face challenges. Our vision is to be a distinguished organization that drives innovation in international education. 

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Our Services

Admission Services

  • Applicant Assessment, with Industry Leading Comprehensive Screening Process 

  • In-person and Video Interview with Candidates to Evaluate Language Skills

  • In-country Orientation for Students and Parents

  • Visa and Student Exchange Visitor Program Support

Partner School Services

  • International Curriculum Planning and Teacher Training

  • Student Application and Enrollment Management, Limiting Asks of Your Staff

  • School-specific Promotional Materials, Welcome Videos

  • Cultural and Community Events

Homestay Services

  • Year-round Host Family Recruitment, Screening, Enrollment 

  • Program Coordinators and Routine Students Check-ins

  • FEAs and Communication with Natural Parents on Students’ Progress

  • Airport Transportation on Arrival and Departure  

  • Cultural Activities and Trips (museums, college tours, sporting events, and more)

  • Multilingual and Multicultural On-call Support 

  • Medical Assistance and Health Plan Support

Academic Services

  • Individual Support from Academic Counselors

  • Course Selection and Goal-setting Guidance

  • Academic Performance Tracking and Assessment

  • Extracurricular Activity Advice

  • High School Action Plans, Advice

  • Standardized Test Planning 

  • Tutoring Procurement

  • Academic Newsletters, Workshops, Webinars

  • Support and Education for Natural Parents

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