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How to apply

Discover A World of Educational Opportunities

We understand and appreciate the fact that all students have individual unique qualities. Just as in life, there are various ways to interpret a poem, solve a math equation, or hit a tennis ball, TBI-New Oasis recognizes that there is no single approach to a successful international student application. Therefore, we welcome international students from all walks of life to apply.

A Personal Connection

As a TBI-New Oasis student, you’ll follow your passions and discover new ones along your journey as a student in one of our partner high schools. You’ll be challenged in new and different ways, and most importantly, you’ll be part of an incredibly close-knit TBI-New Oasis community. You’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you.

Holistic Admissions Process

There is no formula for gaining admissions to a TBI-New Oasis Partner School. The TBI-New Oasis admissions committee considers a candidate’s entire application – academic and extracurricular records, TOEFL or other English Fluency Test scores. Admission is based on achievement and promise.

Partner Schools

View a complete list of our partner schools.

School List

To get started on becoming a TBI-New Oasis student

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