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your home, your heart, your mind.

Why Host?

  • Help support a young person’s academic goals. – Invest in someone else’s life

  • Cultivate a deeper cultural understanding for the whole family

  • Diversity and Respect for differences – encourage connection in your family, community, and the wider world.

  • Take your own child’s education further - Living with a student from another culture is an education in itself.

  • New perspective of your own culture and surroundings

  • International network

  • Life long friendships

  • Earn Money

Why TBI-New Oasis?

Leaders in the Industry

TBI-New Oasis has been supporting International Students, their Host Families, and their schools since .  Host families can rest assure our team of dedicated and experienced staff will make hosting an International Student a positive experience.  Students are screened abroad through local representatives, host families are assessed with pre-placement in-home interviews, and using these tools we are able to make success placements.

On-Going Support

Our host families and students receive 24 hour support from a dedicated team of coordinators, we offer welcome orientations to prepare hosts and student for their journey, and we are partnered with a unique APP specifically tailored to enhance the hosting experience fostering communications with natural parents and other host families across the US.

Quality Students

TBI-New Oasis screens each student applicant through a series of interviews. Hosts can be assured their student will be able to understand basic conversational English. They are athletes, musicians, artists, volunteers, award-winners, valedictorians and more. 

Monthly Stipend and More

TBI-New Oasis Host families are given a generous monthly stipend to cover the cost of the student’s living, good and entertainment.  Additionally, our program offers several events throughout the year for host families and student to enjoy to enhance relationships and cultivate deeper cultural connections­.



When you're with 

TBI-New Oasis 

You're never alone.

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