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When you're with 

TBI-New Oasis 

You're never alone.

What are you expected to provide?

At minimum hosts need to provide a private bedroom with desk and dresser, wifi, three meals a day plus snacks, and transportation to and from school, school related actvities, airport, and TBI-New Oasis sponsored activities.


I don’t have kids. Can I still host?

Absolutely!  We have many individuals who host who do not have children.


How is my family matched with a student?

Your application is created into a profile that is presented to students.  Students and natural parents review profiles and choose a family that they believe fits the student’s interests.


Can we host more than one student at a time?

Yes, but each student must have their own private bedroom.


Will my student speak English?

Yes. Each of our students go through a length interview process including a verbal interview. They must be able to speak and understand basic conversational English. 


What sort of support will we have?

Each student and host family is assigned a Program Coordinator who serves as an assistant to hosts, students, partner schools, and also speaks with the China team who translates and relays messages to the natural parents.


Do students go home over break?

Some students travel home or to other locations around the US, and some do not. Each student must complete a travel request form before travelling.


What type of visas do the students have?

F-1 Visas. They are International Students, not Exchange Students, and must adhere to all F-1 student rules.


Can they travel with my family?

Yes! Each student must complete a travel request before travelling.  Travel may be denied if the natural parents do not agree or they are to miss school.


Does my child have to attend the same school?



Do I have to drive the student every day?

Yes. If the school your student is attending does not offer transportation then you are responsible for dropping off and picking up the student every day at school.


Can I host with a pet?

Absolutely.  It is important that you list all pets in your host family profile so students are not surprised when they arrive.  Some students may be scared of certain pets so it is important to make them aware.


Can I apply now but defer to another semester?

Yes! The important thing is to remember to communicate your availability with your assigned program coordinator.


How do I get my stipend? How am I taxed?

Stipends are directly deposited in the account you designate when you apply.  They are given at the end of each month.  In instances when the student went to stay with a respite care, or temporary family, your stipend will be prorated for the number of days the student was not in your care.  You do not need to show TBI-New Oasis how you are spending the money.  The money is to be used to off set the costs associated with hosting a student.  This will be shown as taxable income and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.


If I am approved am I guaranteed a student?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot guarantee a host family will be placed with a student.


How can I increase my chances of getting matched with a student?

Creating a detailed host profile is very important.  

Using clear images that are clean and bright.  

Upload a welcome video!

Write a welcome letter that not only talks about your interests, but what you hope to do with your student and how you will support their academic goals.

Make contact with your local partner school to let them know how eager you are!


Can I request a specific gender?

Yes. But please note when you restrict yourself to one gender or another you are slightly decreasing your chances of being matched with a student.


Can I host the same student for multiple years?

Yes. Many of our families host the same student for their full four years. However, we also have families that want to host a new student in the next year and that's okay too!


What if there is a problem with our student?

Depending on the level of the problem, you should always reach out to your program coordinator first.  In cases of true medical emergencies, contact emergency responders first, then contact your program coordinator.


In case of an accident or illness, who do we contact?

First make sure the student safe and is where they need to be to get help, then immediately contact your program coordinator. If your student needs to miss school for any reason please notify your school and your program coordinator.

Do students cover their own medical expenses?

Each student has their own health insurance. Any medical expenses not covered by insurance will be paid for by the natural parents.  It is important to always check with the provider that they accept the student’s insurance BEFORE going to the doctor.


What am I responsible for paying for?

Host families are responsible for paying for the student’s meals and any family entertainment.  Students are responsible for paying for any entertainment they do on their own or with friends.  Students are responsible for paying for their tuition and other school related fees (books, dues for clubs/sports/fieldtrips), medical expenses.  Host families would be responsible for paying for taxi fees if they are unable to give the student transportation as outlined in their expectations.  

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