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Global School Association U.S. Secondary School Study Center

A Solution for Supporting International Students in China  

As you know, there are many students who remain in China due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Although U.S. schools have been doing a good job with their online classes, there is a growing concern from parents regarding how long their children can remain engaged without student interaction and academic guidance. Therefore, TBI established the Global School Association (GSA) Study Center Boarding Program to help solve this problem. 


The GSA Student Center Boarding Program aims to provide U.S. schools and Chinese students with a solution for studying online while in China. The boarding program supports students while they continue their U.S. secondary school curriculum and offers access to a high quality and safe school campus environment, 24/7 academic supervision, academic tutoring, and extracurricular and cultural activities. GSA is currently welcoming students to study and reside on campus for the duration of the school year, or until the travel ban to the U.S. has been lifted.  

GSA U.S. High School Study Center 

Our Mission

  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness in students’ online course study

  • Help students maintain physical and mental health 

  • Provide students the opportunity to experience campus life 

U.S. School Benefits

  • Improves international student academic performance and communication

  • Provides support and reduces workload for your staff

  • Helps retain full tuition-paying international students for 2021

  • Discounts for students or commission for your school

  • Helps retain full tuition-paying international students for 2021-2022

  • Commission for your school


Program Features


High Quality School Campus Environment


24/7 Academic Supervision & Professional Tutoring 


Access to Extracurricular and

Cultural Activities 


Physical and Mental Health Services


Safe and Secure Campus 

Campus & Facilities

  •  A distinctive, beautiful campus environment that combines the charm of a classical academy with the characteristics of a modern school.

  • Modern and advanced educational facilities and equipment include a STEM study space, laboratories, self-study rooms, cloud classrooms, meeting rooms, theater, martial arts room, dance studio, climbing wall, fencing room, indoor swimming pool, farm, garden, and Chinese herbal medicine museum.

Academic Schedule

GSA Program Schedule v2(1).png
Academic Arrangement graphic.png

If interested in the GSA Study Center or TBI New Oasis, please contact: 

Eastern United States 

Michelle Zhang 


Phone: 334-492-0847 

Wechat ID: Blackcatcaptain1 

Western United States 

Eric Jan 


Phone: 858-924-2455 

Wechat ID: janericid

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