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The e-host app will give you the opportunity to CONNECT across the globe with your student’s family.  It will help you be able to COMMUNICATE about your student’s experiences and life while they are in your home.  It is designed to  CULTIVATE an experience of a lifetime with priceless memories for you and your family.

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App Features:

  1. Post directly to natural parents

  2. Check stipend payments

  3. Receive important notices

  4. Update your host profile information

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CONNECT today!

Download the app and gain access to begin connecting with your student’s parents as well as updating your family’s profile. Experience the reward point system and earn credit toward charitable donations.


Adventures in International Student Hosting from a Seasoned Host!

There's much to learn here on how to host an international student in your home. I’m happy to share my stories about hosting such as how to get started,  questions you may have, and how to get the whole family on board to host!



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You're never alone.

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